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What to Pack for the Infusion or Treatment Center

At some point as a caregiver, you may have to take your loved one to the infusion or treatment center. These trips can take a lot of time. Even if you or your loved one will only be there for a short time, it helps to be prepared. You may also want to consider packing a bag in advance so it’s ready to go. Here are 6 things that can help make a trip to the infusion or treatment center easier for you and your loved one.
  • Pack Comfortable Clothing

    Comfortable clothing

    Comfortable clothing can be very handy, especially if you have to spend a long time at the infusion or treatment center. Remember to dress in layers, as it’s tough to predict what the temperature will be at the center. It’s important to be able to easily add or remove layers of clothing, as some treatments may make your loved one feel chilly, while others may make them feel hot. Remember, you may need to have access for the IV, so consider this when planning what to wear. You can also buy sweatshirts with zippers that allow easy access to the chest and arms.
  • Pack a Blanket

    A blanket

    Many infusion and treatment centers will provide blankets for patients, but a blanket from home may be a more comforting choice.
  • Pack a Personal Pillow

    A personal pillow

    If your loved one is facing a long round of infusions or other procedures, having his or her own pillow could add a dose of calm and familiarity.
  • Pack Some Form of Entertainment

    Some form of entertainment

    Having something to do can help pass the time and distract from what you and your loved one are going through. If the infusion or treatment center allows you to use your phone or tablet, you can load it with apps, music, movies, and ebooks. But don’t forget your charger and headphones!

    It’s also a good idea to have non-electronic options as well. Books, magazines, playing cards, board games, and hobby or craft supplies are great to have on hand.

  • Pack Snacks and Water

    Snacks and water

    Having snacks and water can help both you and your loved one. Some treatments can take a long time or can be dehydrating, so your loved one may appreciate having a snack and some water. And while you may not be getting treated, you may still get hungry or thirsty while you wait. Hard candy is also a great way to help a dry mouth.
  • Pack a Folder, Notebook, and Pen

    Folder, notebook, and pen

    During your loved one’s treatment, you may need to take notes. Not all treatment centers will allow you to use phones or tablets, so having paper and a pen or pencil is a good idea. Paper and a pen or pencil can also be used for doodling or journaling. A folder will help you store and organize information and forms you may get during treatment.

You may want to save time by packing a bag ahead of time. When it’s time to head to the hospital or treatment center, you can just grab your bag and go.