Seasonal Allergy Symptoms: How to Prepare for Traveling With Allergies

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms: Prepare for Traveling with Allergies

What are some smart ways to prepare for traveling with seasonal allergy symptoms?

Answer: A little planning may help keep seasonal allergy symptoms from disturbing your trip.

  • When planning, find out if any of the plants you’re seasonally allergic to will be pollinating during your stay; the Web site pollen.com provides national 5-day seasonal allergy forecasts and lets you know which seasonal allergens are predominant 
  • If you can, look for a locale where you’ll get a break—perhaps a trip to the beach when pollen counts are high at home (ocean breezes often keep outdoor seasonal allergens at bay)
  • If you have any prescription seasonal allergy medications that you might need, make sure you have enough and get a refill if needed. 
  • In case outdoor seasonal allergens are unavoidable, identify interesting indoor activities you’ll enjoy
  • In the car, remember to shut the windows and use the air conditioner
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