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Asthma is a disease that affects the airways of the lungs. It makes it hard for you to breathe. Asthma is a common health problem.

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Manage Asthma Symptoms
What Can You Do to Help Manage Your Asthma Symptoms?

When you first start having asthma symptoms, it may be a little scary. Here are some things you can do to help start managing your asthma.

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Find Out If You Have Asthma
Finding Out If You Have Asthma

Your health care provider may do some tests to check for asthma. One test uses a tool called a spirometer.

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How to Take Asthma Medicines
How Do You Take Asthma Medicines?

Some asthma medicines are pills or liquids. Many asthma medicines are spray or powder that come in inhalers or puffers.

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