How Do You Take Asthma Medicines?

Some asthma medicines are pills or liquids. Many asthma medicines are spray or powder that come in inhalers or puffers.

Not all inhalers work the same way. It is important that you use your inhaler the right way, or you may not get the medicine into your lungs correctly. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist to show you the right way to use your inhaler. Practice using the inhaler when you visit your health care provider.

Your medicine comes with directions. These directions can help you take your medicine the right way. Read these directions to learn about your medicine.

Tips to help you remember to take your controller medicines

Here are some tips to help you remember to take your controller medicine every day:

  • Take your asthma medicine before you brush your teeth. Keep the medicine with your toothbrush to remind you.
  • Put "sticky" notes around your house. You could put notes on the refrigerator or the kitchen cabinet. You could put one on the bathroom mirror. Or, you could put one on the front door.
  • You and a friend can call each other every day as a reminder
  • Place your medicine in a weekly pill box. You can buy one at most drug stores.
  • Set your computer or phone to remind you
  • Set your watch alarm to beep when it is time to take your asthma medicine
  • Write a note on your calendar to get a refill 1 week before you run out
  • Remember to take your medicine the way your health care provider told you


Ask your health care provider any questions you have about your medicines. Do not stop taking your medicine without asking your health care provider first.

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