Finding Out If You Have Asthma

What tests will your health care provider do?

Your health care provider may do some tests to check for asthma. One test uses a tool called a spirometer. It checks to see how well your lungs are working. It measures how much air you can breathe out and how fast you can breathe out.

Also, your health care provider may give you some medicine and repeat the test to see if the medicine opens up your airways.

Another test uses a small tool you can hold in your hand and against your mouth. It is called a peak flow meter. It measures how well you can breathe out. The health care provider may even give you one to take home. The peak flow meter can help you tell when your asthma is flaring up.

What happens after you know you have asthma?

After you find out you have asthma, the next step is managing it. There are treatments that can help you control your symptoms. Also, your health care provider can help you create a plan to manage your asthma.


Ask your health care provider any questions you might have. Make sure that you understand.

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