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Your Birth Control Plan

Discuss Your Birth Control Plan With Your Doctor
Discuss Your Birth Control Plan With Your Doctor

You may have a number of reasons not to include pregnancy in your current plans. Whether you have goals that don't include starting or growing a family, or you're just happy with your current family size, you should be the one to decide how your family planning journey unfolds.

Talk to your doctor

Today more than ever, there are plenty of birth control methods to choose from. When it comes to getting birth control advice, your friends may be easy to talk to, but you need to have a conversation with your doctor to know which option may be right for you and to help determine a birth control plan that makes sense for your life. Here are a few common questions to think through before you head into your next appointment with your doctor.

What are my goals/priorities for the next few years? 

Where do you see yourself in the next year…next 3 years…next 5 years? You and your doctor should discuss which birth control option may be right for you.

Am I good at keeping up with a routine?

Are you a creature of habit? Will you remember to take birth control every day? Be sure to talk this through with your doctor.

When do I want to start or grow my family?

Do you think you’ll want a baby in the near future or not quite yet?

How does my medical history affect my birth control options?

Be sure to discuss your medical history with your doctor to help determine what may be right for you.