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Questions to Ask Your Doctor When Choosing a Cancer Treatment

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Cancer Treatment
Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Cancer Treatment

Talking to your doctor about your options for cancer treatment can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This list of questions can help you get the answers you need. Consider pulling this list up on your phone at your next doctor’s appointment or keeping a journal of your questions and concerns.

Questions about my treatment

  • How does the treatment work?
  • Would you suggest I take this treatment?
  • How do I get this treatment?
  • How often will I get each treatment?
  • How long does each treatment take?
  • Where will I get treatment?

Questions about my treatment goals

  • How long will I be on this treatment?
  • What are the realistic goals for my treatment?
  • How will I feel during treatment?
  • How effective will this treatment be?
  • How long before I know the treatment is working?

Questions about the effects of treatment

  • How will my treatment affect:
    • My work?
    • My ability to travel?
    • My family?
    • My sex life?
  • What are the most likely side effects?
  • What can I do to lower my chance of side effects with this treatment?
  • If I have side effects, what can I do to feel better?

Other questions to ask my doctor about cancer treatment

Write down any other questions you may have so you can get the answers you need.