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Your A1C Level and You

Your A1C level is

Generally, the American Diabetes Association® recommends an A1C goal of less than 7% for many adults with diabetes. But that goal isn’t right for everyone. Your health care provider is the best person to set the right A1C goal for you.

Talk to your health care provider about the right A1C goal for you. Have you reached the A1C goal your health care provider set for you? If the answer is yes, keep up the great work! If the answer is no, don’t give up!

Things you can do every day to help yourself reach—and stay at—that goal:

Reaching Your A1C Goal: Diabetes-Friendly Meals

Plan healthy, diabetes-friendly meals

Learn to count your carbs. You can work with a registered dietitian to learn how to plan diabetes-friendly meals.

Reaching Your A1C Goal: Getting Regular Physical Activity

Get regular physical activity

Always talk to your health care provider before beginning any exercise program.

Reaching Your A1C Goal: Monitoring Your Blood Glucose

Monitor your blood glucose

In addition to getting your A1C level tested, you can also check your blood glucose levels with a meter. It's important for blood glucose to stay in a healthy range. Talk with your health care provider about your blood sugar levels and how often you should check your levels.

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