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Getting the Type 2 Diabetes Support You Need

Type 2 Diabetes Support
Type 2 Diabetes Support

Family and friends are important

So why not teach them about your condition? Let them know why you may be counting carbs, monitoring your blood sugar levels, and increasing your activity level. The more they know, the more they can help.

If you do ask for help, be specific

Ask the kids to help you make diabetes-friendly meals. Ask your spouse to come to your next doctor visit. Ask a neighbor to join you the next time you take a walk. Or ask a friend to go to a diabetes education class with you. Managing your type 2 diabetes can be a lot easier when you have support.

Want to track your progress?

With your doctor’s help, set your A1C level, cholesterol, and blood pressure goals. Then track your progress with each checkup.

Need help starting a conversation with your doctor?

Print out our doctor discussion guide and take it to your next visit. Fill in the guide with the answers that you get from your doctor. You may not get to all of your questions during your visit, but you can ask more questions at your next visit. Or perhaps you can ask to speak to a nurse educator.