Checking Your Blood Sugar

Monitoring your blood sugar is 1 of the ways to help control your blood sugar. The result of testing your blood sugar tells you your level at any 1 time.

Using a blood sugar meter

Read the directions for your meter. Each meter works differently.

  1. Prepare: Ask your health care provider what area you should use for your blood sample. Wash your hands and dry them well. Clean the site.
  2. Insert the strip into the meter.
  3. Prick yourself with a new lancet. Gently squeeze your finger until a drop of blood forms (amount of blood needed varies by meter).
  4. Touch the drop of blood to the test strip. Make sure you have enough blood to test.
  5. Write the number that shows up on the screen in your log book.
  6. Your health care provider will tell you when and how often to check your blood sugar.

It is important to always bring in your meter when you see the health care provider or to keep a log of your blood sugar results. Take the log to visits with your health care provider.

Your blood sugar log or results in your meter will help your health care provider see how well your diabetes treatment plan is working.

The readings you get from your meter can help you manage your diabetes day-by-day or hour-by-hour. Write down your test results and go over them at each visit with your health care provider.

Check Blood Sugar
Time of Day

Before or After?
Breakfast [ ] Before [ ] After
Lunch [ ] Before [ ] After
Dinner [ ] Before [ ] After
Bedtime [ ] Before

Ask your health care provider what blood sugar targets are right for you.


Ask your health care provider about how to use your meter.

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