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Measuring Blood Sugar

Measuring Blood Sugar Levels
Measuring Blood Sugar Levels

Measuring your blood sugar levels with a blood sugar meter can help you make decisions about food, physical activity, and medicines.

The results of your blood sugar tests with a blood sugar meter and the A1C test may help you and your doctor understand how well your type 2 diabetes treatment plan is working.

Self-testing shows your progress

This is a blood sugar test you perform with a blood glucose meter. It tells you what your blood sugar level is at that point in time. Self-testing at home may help you learn which foods and activities have an impact on your blood sugar levels. It also helps you understand if your treatment plan is working.

You and your doctor will set blood sugar goal levels that are right for you. Once you and your doctor have set your blood sugar goals, it’s important to stay at or near that number.

The A1C test gives you the big picture

The A1C test measures the average amount of sugar in your blood over the past 2 to 3 months. It gives you and your doctor a better idea of how well your treatment plan has been working over time. And whether your blood sugar levels are under control.

Ask your doctor what the right goal is for you. Until you reach your goal, you’ll likely take an A1C test every 3 months. If you’ve already reached your goal, then your doctor may check your A1C every 6 months.