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Traveling With Type 2 Diabetes

When you are planning a trip, there are things you need to keep in mind for managing your type 2 diabetes. The following tips will help you learn how to plan ahead to manage your type 2 diabetes when you’re traveling.

About one month before your trip:

  • Ask your doctor if you should have a checkup to make sure your type 2 diabetes is under control
  • Go over your schedule with your doctor and talk about the medicines you take
  • Get any needed vaccines at least one month before your trip
  • Get a diabetes identification bracelet or necklace. This is also called ID. An ID tells others that you have type 2 diabetes. You can also keep an ID card in your wallet

One or 2 days before your trip:

  • Pack your own healthy food options. Take fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and peanut butter
  • Pack your medicine in a carry-on bag. A good idea is to pack 2 times the amount of type 2 diabetes medicine and testing supplies you think you will need

Tips to follow during your trip

  • Stick to your usual type 2 diabetes plan when you travel. Follow your meal plan, be active most days, take medicine as prescribed, and check your blood sugar regularly
  • Wear comfortable shoes and never go barefoot
  • Check your feet every day for blisters, cuts, redness, swelling, and scratches