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How to Manage Your Type 2 Diabetes With a Treatment Plan

Your health care team can help you create a type 2 diabetes treatment plan to help you reach your treatment goals. Your goals may be different from someone else with type 2 diabetes.

Your type 2 diabetes treatment plan may include:
  • Eating healthy
  • An exercise routine
  • Taking medicines

Things to do to keep track of your treatment

How do I know if my type 2 diabetes treatment plan is working?
  • You can track your blood sugar yourself
  • Keep a record of your blood pressure, A1C, and cholesterol levels, and discuss your results during your health care visits. Discuss with your health care team whether you need to make any changes to your care plan
  • Your health care team will give you A1C tests to see how well your type 2 diabetes treatment plan is working

Tips to help you follow your type 2 diabetes treatment plan

Following your treatment plan with your health care team may help lower the risk of other type 2 diabetes-related health problems.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:
  • Follow your diet and exercise plans
  • Check your blood sugar level as directed by your health care team
  • Keep track of your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • See any specialists your doctor may refer you to
  • Take your medicines as prescribed

You should call your doctor at any time if:

  • Your symptoms get worse
  • You have problems with your medicine
  • You have questions about your treatment