Positive Living With Osteoporosis

Simple strategies can help you stay positive while living with osteoporosis.

Living with osteoporosis can bring new challenges. Worries about bone health and falls may keep you from doing things you enjoy. Your body shape and posture may change, affecting how you feel about your looks.

First, know that you’re not alone. Many people living with osteoporosis deal with these feelings. Here are some tips to stay positive.

Put living with osteoporosis in perspective. Facing challenges living with osteoporosis?

  • Remind yourself of all the smart steps you’re taking for your bone health
  • Think about your strengths, your friends and family, and enjoyable activities that you do
  • Try this tip from the National Osteoporosis Foundation: Say to yourself, “I know that what I do today brings strength to my body” (or write it on paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror)

Stay positive about managing your osteoporosis. Exercise strengthens bones and muscles and may reduce your risk for falls, which can boost your confidence. It can also lift your mood and reduce stress.

  • Talk with your doctor about osteoporosis exercises that are safe and enjoyable for you
  • Don’t forget about other types of physical activity, from gardening to dancing

Do what you love while living with osteoporosis. Keep doing what you love:

  • Try going to events at times that are less crowded
  • Sit down when you need to
  • Go out for shorter periods of time if you feel overwhelmed

Dress with confidence. Spine changes caused by osteoporosis can hunch your back and push your tummy forward. Hemlines may look uneven; pants and tops may pucker in some areas but look too tight in other spots. Some easy solutions to keep up your self-image and social confidence:

  • Have a favorite outfit or two altered by a tailor or seamstress
  • Look for tops with pleats or gathers that will drape over your back, a softly rounded, v-shaped or cowl neckline to fit your frame, and side slits that allow you to easily slip the top over your waist and hips
  • Try skirts and pants with an elastic waistband, which can feel more comfortable
  • Add a colorful accessory—such as a wrap—to draw attention to your face
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