11 Ways to Get More Good Fats

You’ve likely heard the phrase “healthy fats” or “good fats” discussed in the news and from your health care provider. These are unsaturated fats, and finding them is not always easy. This list highlights some ways to include more healthy fats—and fewer bad ones—in your daily diet.

  1. Cook and sauté with olive oil, not butter; canola oil is good for baking.
  2. Sprinkle a small handful of nuts, rather than cheese or bacon bits, on your salads. (Tip: Chop the nuts to make them go farther.)
  3. Keep pre-portioned bags of nuts, rather than potato chips or crackers, for snacking at work or home.
  4. Add slices of avocado instead of cheese, to your sandwich.
  5. Eat wild-caught salmon, canned albacore tuna, or other fatty fish once or twice a week.
  1. Use 1 tablespoon of your favorite nut butter as a dip for celery or bananas. Or spread it on rice cakes.
  2. Snack on olives if you’re craving something savory. Bonus: They’re low in calories.
  3. Whip up your own salad dressing using olive, flaxseed, or sesame oils.
  4. If you use whole milk, switch to low-fat (1%) milk instead. Low-fat milk has one third less saturated fat. Treat yourself to frozen yogurt rather than regular ice cream. Yogurt contains less than half the saturated fat.
  5. Try to limit red meat and full-fat dairy products; these foods are among the most common sources of saturated fat in the American diet.
  6. Reserve baked goods such as cakes, cookies, crackers, and pies for special occasions. Americans get the most trans fat from these sources.
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