Walking Indoors for a Change of Pace

So you’ve started a walking routine—that’s great. But what do you do when the weather makes it tough to get out there?

Always be sure to check with your health care provider before beginning any activity plan or increasing your activity.

It always helps to ask:

  • What activities are right for me?
  • How much should I do each day?
  • How many days a week?

It's also important to ask him or her what your target heart rate is to help determine what exercise intensity is appropriate for you.

Malls aren’t just for shopping

Blazing your new path could mean heading for...the mall. A mall may provide the solution you’ve been looking for, offering you a great opportunity to stay active, no matter what Mother Nature is up to. Indoor walking means:

  • No worry about the elements—rain, cold, heat, or humidity
  • A cost-free way to stay active
  • An even, smooth path
  • Having fun with friends or other indoor walkers

Why not have some company?

Many malls have indoor walking programs and even open their doors early for walkers. You may prefer this time of day—it’s quiet and peaceful. Call your favorite mall to find out if it has a walking program.

One of the best parts about mall walking is that it can be social. The mall can create a community of walkers. This helps make it easier to connect with others and keep you motivated.

You may walk away healthier

Thirty minutes of walking 5 days a week will provide moderate-intensity aerobic activity. It may also:

Reward your efforts

To help keep you motivated, set up a walking goal and a reward for getting there. Like buying yourself a new book or CD once you’ve completed a week of walking. Setting mini goals like this may soon add up to bigger health rewards.

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