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Staying Active All Year

Is it easier to be active at certain times of the year? Every season has its own challenges, but each also comes with exciting ways to stay active. Before making any changes to your activity level, check with your doctor.

There’s lots to do, no matter what the season. Find some ideas by checking out the slideshow below.

  • Celebrate Spring's Arrival With Outdoor Events


    • Put a spring in your step
      Celebrate spring’s arrival. Enjoy outdoor events where you’re surrounded by nature.
    • Plant yourself in the garden
      Grow some vegetables. Pick a sunny spot that’s easy to water. Turn over the soil, remove grass and weeds, and sow your seeds.
    • Take a day trip
      But choose something active. Biking, hiking, canoeing—you pick!
  • Dive Into Summer by Heading to the Local Swimming Pool for a Few Laps or Water Aerobics


    • Make a splash!
      Dive into summer. Head to the local swimming pool. Do a few laps or some water aerobics.
    • Play ball!
      Or toss a Frisbee® instead. Head to the park with a pal or play catch in the backyard.
    • Beat the heat.
      Take a walk around the local mall. It’s free and air-conditioned for those days that are too hot to be outdoors.
  • Walk to the Grounds at Your Local Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch


    • Pick a winner.
      Walk the grounds at your local apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Then head home with your fresh pick of the day.
    • Go long!
      Forget the football game on TV. Show off your skills in a backyard game of catch with friends or family.
  • Collect Pines and Boughs to Make a Wreath


    • Keep it cheerful.
      ’Tis the season for holiday cheer. Grab your hat and take a walk. You may forget it’s exercise.
    • Do the mall crawl.
      Take a few laps around the mall. Start your holiday shopping and get in some walking.
    • Exercise your passion.
      Collect pine cones and boughs. Make a wreath. All that walking, stretching, and reaching may help increase your activity level.